SDE Technology is committed to be the best pressing and assembly manufacturer in the UK, including powder coating and fabrications. We lead the way in our customer satisfaction and service. To meet our commitments, the following actions will be undertaken:
  • Senior management will provide a framework for setting quality objectives. Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of organisational processes and objectives will be achieved through management reviews, KPIs and the internal audit processes.
  • Get to know our customers and associates and have a complete understanding of their requirements through open communication. We monitor customer satisfaction and set objectives for continual improvement.
  • By setting performance measures, objectives and targets to address risks and opportunities, we will ensure that customer requirements are met or exceeded.
  • Recognise each employee’s responsibility for quality, health and safety, and ensure appropriate training and competence is achieved.
  • Actively encourage employees to identify problems and make suggestions to improve all aspects of our working practises.
  • Actively demonstrate senior management support by ensuring the quality policy and mission statement is issued by the company and communicated, implemented and understood within the organisation.
  • Ensure this policy and mission statement is available to all relevant interested parties.
  • At a Senior Management level, to review at set intervals, the level and type of future improvement required for the organisation to continually improve, based on risk analysis and input from relevant parties; ensure that all resources including infrastructure, competency and investment are available for this.
We will make sure that this policy is applied and adhered to in a safe, legal and responsible manner. There is a commitment for the senior management team to meet compliance and legal requirements and to evaluate compliance annually. To maintain the highest quality standards, the policy is to implement and maintain IATF 16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015. Approved by Richard Homden – Chief Executive OfficerDate: 1st November 2017
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