SDE Technology has a large range of presses, component forming and finishing technologies which work across a range of different formats and materials.
When you discuss your manufacturing problems with us, our experienced engineers will use our knowledge of manufacturing components and sub-assemblies to come up with viable manufacturing solutions. We can take your existing tooling and integrate it into one of our production facilities or we can create new tooling as required. Using our MRP system we can schedule your order into production and give you a delivery time. Our mission is to get your production ramped up to maximum efficiency as quickly as possible.

Progression Cells

These cells allow us to run higher volume work, while tool and press sensors that let us know of any issues. Cameras are used to check the smooth running operation.

Blanking & Forming in House

We turn sheet metals into components for a range of vehicles and home appliances by this process which allows very tight tolerances.


We have MIG, Pulse and TIG welding capabilities, for hand and Robotic welding applications. Our own in-house weld verification expertise.


Fabrication At SDE Technology we have various assembly cell options to provide our customers with standard pressings, sub assemblies or complete components.


Our presses start at 0.4mm gauge up to 15mm thick. We have 400T mechanical presses, 400T Progression presses, 600T Hydraulic presses and a 600T Transfer cell.

Heavy Gauge

Ideal for large stamped components, these presses provide customers with the flexibility to run parts either progressively or as an auto-transfer process, depending on their size and shape.

Deep Draw

These specialist, heavy duty presses provide the ability to rapidly and cost effectively manufacture high precision deep drawn components for a variety of industries.

Mechanical & Hydraulic Capacity

We have machines from 100 to 630T, bed sizes up to 3.2m long and shut heights on the hydraulic presses that can accommodate most press tools.