HFQ technology opens a range of possibilities from unique architectural panelling, to structural elements and window surrounds. Making greener buildings with more opportunity for future recycling.

Commercial Vehicles

Reducing weight using HFQ technology is highly desirable for the commercial vehicle sector, to increase both payload and improve fuel efficiency. HFQ technology enables mass reduction versus both steel and conventionally pressed aluminium, for a wide range of commercial vehicle applications from Closures panels to Cab Structures.

Rail Transport

HFQ Technology is ideally suited for rail applications, to enable cost-effective light-weighting, part integration and fire resistance. Applications include Intermediate Ends, Cab Structures, Window Surrounds and a range of Interior panels and Structures.


The MOD is one of the biggest public procurement organisations in Europe, managing some of the most complex and technologically advanced requirements in the world. We believe there are some considerable lightweighting and cost saving opportunities to be made through applying HFQ Technology.


We are continuously working on new projects and initiatives to integrate and maximize the potential that new technologies can offer in the medical sector. There is a whole range of possible applications for hospitals and operating theatres, doctor’s surgeries and residential care homes.

Consumer Goods

Even electronics items such as laptops and mobile phones could be an area for HFQ technology as well. Anything that you carry around with you needs to be lighter, stronger or cheaper. That means there are plenty of opportunities for SDE Technology.